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Songs From Will Smith

William Carroll Smith II popularly known in the showbiz space as Will Smith isn’t only good at acting but has amazing rapping skills which he released many hits songs in the early 90s to early 2000s. Will’s songs were also used in movies that he featured.

Today we look at songs from Will Smith.

He began his music career with the group DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince which comprised him and Jeffrey Townes. The duo’s first single Summertime was a huge success and went on the win the Grammy award for its explicit rap lines.

The single became one of the highest sought-after songs which sold a million copies all across the world. They then released the ”He’s the DJ, I’m The Rapper” album which had over 17 hit songs. Some of the songs in the albums were used as movie background songs.

Their album was a huge success and played on all radio stations with their videos shown on all the big television stations. They then came up with their third album ”And In This Corner” which also had 12 hits songs, but couldn’t cross borders like the previous albums.

The duo then went their separate ways but still maintain a close bond. DJ Jeff was present at Will Smith’s birthday party in 2019, which they later went on to perform at a mini-concert and gave fans their back-to-back hits songs. They assured the fans to expect another collaboration from them.

Below are some of the songs from Will Smith:

  • Getting Jiggy with it
  • Arabian Nights
  • A nightmare on my street
  • Prince Ali
  • Boom shake the room
  • Will 2k
  • Will
  • Y’all know
  • Just Cruisin
  • Girls ain’t nothing but trouble
  • So fresh
  • Candy
  • Can you feel me
  • Parents don’t just understand
  • Here he comes
  • So fresh
  • Brand new funk
  • Can you feel me?
  • Uuhhh
  • Mr.Niceguy
  • Da Butta

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