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Socialite, Pretty Mike, Reveals How A Girl He Had A One Night Stand With Got Pregnant And Pinned The Child That Wasn’t His On Him For 2 Years

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Nigerian socialite, Mike Eze Nwalie Nwogu, popularly known as Pretty Mike has narrated how a girl he had a one night stand with pinned a child on him for two years.

Pretty Mike revealed that he met the lady in a nightclub, had s*x with her but 6 months later, she informed him that she was pregnant. He later found out that the lady was also sleeping with his friend, Yomi.

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Read the full story below…

Has the tots of leaving this Lagos or this country crossed ur mind be4….. I HAD a daughter who’s 8 “atleast I wanted to believe she was mine” 😎…… I met this girl at my nite club, asin I just got back to the country not too long ago, she was pretty, very endowed as hell, she told me her name was Amaka💐, I hosted her and all, asin the nite was smooth, and we finally ended up at my home and we knacked and I settled her in the morning,💰 I was a bit drunk so I didn’t bother replacing the condom after it broke🙈”you all know what I’m talking about abi “……

Let’s say this was Decemeber that year. 6 months down the line, she calls telling me she’s pregnant for me.. it was funny and I wasn’t going to have it..she involved some of her friends, I was Rude and didn’t accept it, not because I was being irresponsible but think am na…1,2,3,4 months you no tell me, until the 6th month…I wasn’t going to have it.. Fast forward, Her friends got my friends involved and one of my guys “Yomi” took it upon himself to pressure me to accept just to reduce the drama.

Can u believe this girl was 7+ months gone and I caught her red handed sleeping with my so call friend Yomi, same guy that was advocating for her, At this point I made up my mind that they’d kill me be4 I will accept the child without a DNA test.. She finally Gave birth to an immaculate princess and it melted me. I don’t know if it was Kayanmata she used on me den, cause DNA never crossed my mind until two years ago, this babe girl keep growing but looked nothing like me, instead I could see my guy Yomi’s face in her.. I built some courage at went for a DNA test she wasn’t mine ☹️,but I still wanted to help and asked my friend Yomi to come in for the same test, Lord and behold, Yomi wasn’t the father too”.