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Social Media Blasts Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot For Dinning With Lil Durk While Posing As Anti-Crime Campaigner

Social Media Blasts Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot For Dinning With Lil Durk While Posing As Anti-Crime Campaigner

Chicago natives and the majority of US citizens are going bonkers about the tight bond between Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and notorious Chicago rapper Lil Durk while running an anti-violent campaign.

While the Mayor insists her collaboration with Lil Durk is to fight crime and help the youth through Durk’s Neighborhood Heroes Foundation, netizens believe Lil Durk is in no position to fight crime.

Not after all his gun-related run-ins and even suspect murder charges. Netizens say Lightfoot should focus on her job and stay away from criminals. However, Durk appears to be Lightfoot’s biggest supporter and has already endorsed her for the coming election.

Their Valentine’s Day dinner was hugely criticized, but it appears the bond will just get stronger.

Via VladTV;

Lori Lightfoot and Lil Durk have become two of the most recognizable names in Chicago. Although the city’s 56th mayor and the influential South Side rapper primarily operate on different sides of the social spectrum, they have remained interlocked in a consensus effort to combat Chicago’s infamous crime rates since Lil Durk showed his public support for Mayor Lightfoot in April 2020.

On Tuesday night, the polarizing pair of Chicagoans crossed paths again at the “Dinner with Durk” event hosted by Lil Durk’s charity called the “Neighborhood Heroes Foundation.” The Valentine’s Day meal at Gibson’s Steakhouse comes less than two weeks before Chicago’s big mayoral election in late February. Joining Mayor Lightfoot and Lil Durk in attendance were four other mayoral candidates (Brandon Johnson, Ja’Mal Green, Roderick Sawyer, and Kam Buckner) and 30 high school students. Among the many topics discussed was criminal system reform and providing the youth with more opportunities for upward mobility. According to reports, Lil Durk endorsed Mayor Lightfoot for re-election. Pictures of the pair went viral after Mayor Lightfoot posted the images on Twitter. This caused several political pundits, Chicago residents, and U.S. citizens outside the state of Illinois to slam Mayor Lightfoot for aligning herself with a drill rapper who has a criminal record.

“Here’s your man mocking another murder victim at the bus stop was he was killed,” a Twitter user wrote. “No wonder this city is in shambles if this is who you considered a role model to our youth.”

“Neighborhood heroes?” Added another commentator. “Someone from his neighborhood needs to tell her about him.”

Chicago’s municipal elections are scheduled to occur on Tuesday, February 28th.

Lil Durk and Kodak Black are making friends with people in higher places for obvious reasons. Let’s see how far Durk and Lightfoot’s relationship goes before it clashes.

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