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Sleepless Nights Of A Maid Spoiler

Sleepless Nights Of A Maid spoiler is an animated series released in 2022 that comes in chapters, presently at chapter 5 which much is not known about the remaining chapters left. It is a drama and loved-filled series full of sorrow and heartbreak.

In this write up we will talk about the plot and release of Sleepless nights of a maid spoiler.


It talks about a gorgeous young lady called Eva who lived happily with her rich father who made sure she had everything she wanted. One day the dad had to travel far away from the Kingdom which left her completely shuttered as it was going to strain the relationship between both them.

Also, she was going to miss the close and exciting moments they shared, but her dad assured her that everything would be fine.

It was a vital journey the dad had to embark on as he failed to live up to his expectations during his time in the country’s empire. He mismanaged the empire’s funds and also crushed down many investments which were generating income.

Due to that, people lost the trust they had in him and were protesting for his dismissal. In order not to worsen the issue and properly burn the bridges between him and the Lord whom he has known for several years he decides to live.

Financially handicapped at that moment, he had to fall at the mercy of close relations who supported him with money to live. Years later, news came that her father and his crew have been carried away by water, and the investments left in his father’s name were taken over by people with Eva having nothing.

Little Eva’s life was now left hanging as everyone abandoned her including her relatives whom her dad left in their care.

She was later on adopted by Baron Biti her dad’s land official. Little Eva who thought she would receive the same love and care her dad showed her when she was loved faced the greatest humiliation. She worked as a maidservant and was maltreated several times.

Release of Sleepless night of maid spoiler

Released and premiered at the cinema, it saw several people buying tickets to watch it

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