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Six African Socialites Who Flaunt Their Luxurious Lifestyles On Social Media

In the era of social media, it has become a norm for the majority to showcase whatever happens in their lives to friends and followers on social media and also have fun out of the number of comments, likes and shares on whatever they post.

A few years back, it was difficult to know what exactly was happening in the lives of people, especially celebrities and prominent people in society but today, it’s totally different with the introduction of various social media platforms.

Two decades ago, Entertainment and Gossip blogs paid huge amounts of money to paparazzi just to get information about what’s happening in the lives of celebrities as well as photos for publications but that isn’t the case in 2019.

A social media platform such as Instagram is filled with thousands of photos of celebrities and exclusive information about celebrities, the powerful and influential men and women in society.

There is another class of people on social media who are referred to as socialites and for this class, their modus operandi is flaunting of their luxurious lifestyles on social media for their followers and friends to know how rich they’ve become in life.

They mostly flaunt expensive cars, mansions, clothes, shoes, bags and anything luxury that comes in mind not forgetting their expensive vacations around the world.

This article looks at some of these socialites who over the years have influenced their followers to work hard and live their kind of luxurious lifestyles. After thorough research by this website, we found a number of these African socialites who constantly flaunt their wealth on social media to motivate their followers. Below is a compiled list of some of these socialites showcasing their wealth on social media.

Mompha: He is a socialite based in Nigeria and thorough checks on his Instagram page indicate that he is living the life many are dreaming of on social media.

His Instagram page is all about his expensive shopping, cars, vacations (which he mostly embarks on with first or business class tickets), mansions, healthy food and his beautiful and healthy family.

Expensive cars such as Mclaren, Lamborghini, Benz G-Wagon and others are found on his Instagram page with captions indicating that they are his cars. Mompha doesn’t patronize cheap products but rather products from brands such as Gucci, Rolex and the likes.

He flaunts bundles of Dollar bills on his Instagram page too. Mompha is one of the fashionable socialites on Instagram and his Instagram page is verified with 537,000 followers.

Ray Hushpuppi: Another socialite living flamboyant lifestyle on Instagram is Ray Hushpuppi and his lifestyle isn’t different from Mompha. They have a lot of things in common.

Just like Mompha, Ray Hushpuppi also flaunts his expensive travels, exotic cars, mansions, the 5-star hotels he lodges in during his trips, the food, clothes, jewellery and other expensive stuff.

There is no single photo on his Instagram page giving clues that he isn’t rich and living the lives of those occupying top echelon positions in multi-million corporations.

In most of his videos on Instagram, he’s either seen being escorted to his car by security officers and doors being opened for him by these officers or seen with his aide at shopping centres shopping expensive clothes, shoes, watches and other stuff.

Ray Hushpuppi’s Instagram page is verified with 1.7 million followers.

Obi Cubana (Obi Iyiegbu): Obi Iyiegbu popularly known as Obi Cubana is also a Nigerian socialite and from his Instagram profile, he is the Chairman of Cubana Group, a creative, innovative and luxurious hospitality company with branches in Lagos, Oweri and Abuja. His company has won awards and has been featured in numerous magazines. He also owns Puzzo’s Eat and Play, an international cuisine eatery.

Obi Cubana showcases his meetings with highly profiled people on his Instagram page, his expensive travels, family and also advertises his business (Cubana Group) on his page.

In some of his photos, he was seen at construction sites supervising contractors and workers working on his new projects. His Instagram page is full of photos indicating that he is living a good life.

Obi Cubana has a following of 112,000 on his Instagram page without a verification badge.

Cubana Chiefpriest: He is a Nigerian socialite and Executive Director of Cubana Group. He also shows off his wealth by posting photos of his expensive travels, food, family, meetings with celebrities such as Davido, Burna Boy and some important personnel in Nigeria.

From his activities on Instagram, he is a man who loves to party and have fun with friends. He has a following of 443,000 on his Instagram page with no verification badge.

Richie (Dharmie Richie): A young socialite who has taken interest in sharing with his followers his wealth and flamboyant lifestyle on Instagram. On his Instagram profile, he claims to be a Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of FuelledUp Nig.

He shows off his exotic cars, expensive watches, clothes, sneakers, his luxurious apartments and others. His is mostly seen in his photos on Instagram posing with his expensive cars, mostly, Benz.

The young Nigerian socialite also patronizes expensive products from Gucci, Chanel, Apple and others looking at the photos he posts on his Instagram page.

He is been followed by 171,000 Instagram users and this may be as a result of the constant display of his wealth on the photo-sharing platform.

Huddah Monroe: She is a Kenyan socialite and can be counted among the richest women on the African continent. Her net worth is estimated to be US$3 million. Just as the above socialites, Huddah Monroe also flaunts his wealth, exotic cars, mansions, expensive clothes, watches, and jewellery.

Aside from modelling, Huddah Monroe is the owner of Huddah Cosmetics and online store, where she sells cosmetics, makeup collection for African women across the world.

Huddah Monroe popularly known as Huddah the bosschick mostly uses her Instagram page to advertise her products to her 1.7 million followers.

She also posts photos and videos of her expensive travels in first or business class flights and all the beautiful and luxurious places she visits.

All the above-mentioned socialites are popular on Instagram looking at their huge following on the photo-sharing platform.


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