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Singer Summer Walker And Her New Boyfriend, LVRD Pharoh, Get People Talking By Tattooing Each Other’s Names On Their Faces

Singer Summer Walker And Her New Boyfriend, LVRD Pharoh, Get People Talking By Tattooing Each Other's Names On Their Faces

You can talk and have your opinions about singer Summer Walker and her new boyfriend taking their relationship to the level of insaneness by getting tattoos of each other’s names across their faces—but that wouldn’t change anything because according to her, she’s in love and cherishes her new man a lot. Love is enough for a couple to go to the extreme.

Summer Walker and her new boyfriend LRVD Pharoh have been dating for just a little over 3 months—and it is enough for them to ink each other’s names on their faces. What happens if the relationship hits the rocks? Perhaps, her man has assured her of a long-lasting stable relationship.

Last month, Summer Walker hopped on Instagram and penned down a note for her new boo and let everyone know that her new man “increases my over all quality of life” and all that.

“So grateful to have this man. he just increases my over all quality of life,”‘ she said. “I’ve never had someone put me & my child first before everything. To not have to lift a finger , for someone to truly be emotionally & spiritually intelligent & invested in me. It’s new & it’s nice.”

This is just the beginning of their relationship so what do you expect? That’s how relationships in Hollywood start and then later end on bad notes coupled with drama on social media.

From MTO News:

“Recording artist Summer Walker, who just released her sophomore album ‘Still Over It’ is essentially an entire album dedicated to dissing her baby daddy.

In 2020 Walker announced that she was expecting her first child, with on-off boyfriend London on da Track by posing her baby bump on her social media platforms. Walker and London started their on-off again relationship after he worked on the production of her debut album, Over It, of which he is also the executive producer. 

In March 2021, Walker gave birth to a baby girl – and the two split up over the summer in a very messy fashion.

A few months after dumping her baby daddy London on da Track, she has jumped on the d****k of another man and gone Instagram official with him.

Here’s the video of Summer Walker and her new man’s matching tattoos and reactions on social media.

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