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Simple Ways To Legally Relocate To Canada

Simple Ways To Legally Relocate To Canada

Canada is a country located in the northern part of America and also shares a close border with the USA. Over the years they have been rated as one of the best countries to migrate to in terms of skilled labor, education, and also seeking medical care.

They have one of the strongest GDPs of about $1.991 billion and are blessed with many natural resources. The country’s strong economy thrives heavily on gold, copper, zinc, and oil.

In 2018, the Canadian government legalized the usage and cultivation of cannabis, a venture that has reportedly generated over $ 5 billion for the country’s economy. It has also created huge employment for people employing millions of people.

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Some best ways to legally move to Canada can be seen below:


Canada is on record as having one of the best universities in the world although they are a bit expensive and can’t be afforded by all. Individuals who want to move there can just apply for some of their schools online, when admission is given, you work on your visa and leave. The good news is that Canadian universities allow foreign students to work part-time alongside studying and should you graduate with a good score you are given a job.

Express entry

It is an online recruitment portal responsible for allowing skilled workers to move into Canada, with this individuals who are good in highly demanding skills like information technology, engineering, plumbing, carpentry, and mechanics stand a chance of winning a visa. Before being picked they demand some years of experience from you and see samples of your work. You are then assessed with the comprehensive ranking system tool which when you qualify you to take an English speaking test. After meeting these requirements you apply for a visa and leave.

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Health worker

Canada a less populated country has over 1,300 hospitals which are both government-owned and privately owned. They currently need over 5000 foreign health personnel to come and fill the vacuum space, as at the moment there are hospitals with less labor. Per reports, this situation is stressing the already employed health personnel as they have to go the extra mile to sacrifice their sleep and work. Foreigners who meet the requirements can just take a language proficiency exam with a reference letter attached and apply. When picked, you are given a residence permit after a few years of serving the government.

Family filling

Foreigners who are lucky to have their relatives there also stand a chance of moving, as the relative can file to the Canadian government about their relationship with you. The individual then applies through visit means and gets the chance of having his visit changed to a permanent resident.


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Canada is one foreign country that is strongly obsessed with agricultural work, and most of its farms are in rural areas. Individuals looking to work on farms can just google some agricultural companies that need more hands. They then look at your years of experience with an amount of money in your account before granting you a visa.


Canada is a very tight immigration country, Don’t try moving there illegally if you don’t possess the above requirements else you will find yourself in the grips of their immigration. Even at the height of the pandemic, they deported over 7,119 undocumented people who were living in the country illegally.

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