Shocking As Names And Ages Of Prayetietia’s 3 Grown-up Children He Had With Another Woman Drop

Names And Ages Of Selly Galley's Husband, Prayetietia's 3 Grown-up Children With Another Woman Drop
Selly Galley & Prayetietia

One Ghanaian woman identified as Indiana Gyasi has boldly dropped the names and ages of Prayetietia’s grown-up children he had with another woman in a previous marriage.

According to Indiana Gyasi, Prayetietia’s first child is 19 years old and he’s called “Sylvester Makafui Fiawoo”, the second child is 17 years old and called “Stephen Sellasie Fiawoo Jnr” and the third is a 16-year-old girl named “Amanda Aseyey Fiawoo”.

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This is shocking because Prayetietia has never flaunted any of these kids on the internet.

Perhaps, he doesn’t want to have problems in his marriage with Selly Galley because it would look like he’s rubbing it in her face for not having a child after a few years of marriage.

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If the above allegation that Prayetietia has 3 kids is true then probably Selly Galley is the problem and not him.

Woman Claims Prayetietia Has 3 Kids With Another Woman That's Why He's Not Bothered About Selly Galley's Inability To Give Birth