Shatta Wale’s Rebranding Agenda After Beyonce’s Collaboration Is Over As He Dirties Himself In The Mud Like A Pig With Ayisha Modi

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Shatta Wale & Beyoncé

A few weeks after Shatta Wale got featured on Beyonce’s “Lion King: The Gift” album, and released the official music video of “ALREADY”, he cleared everything from his Instagram page and claimed that he’s rebranding into something decent.

He started posting professionally captured and highly edited photos and we thought bush Wale had finally rebranded.

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But we were wrong looking at how he jumped into the gutters and dirtied himself like a pig with Ayisha Modi (another pig).

After a quick check on his Instagram page, we can confidently say that Shatta Wale is back to default settings (the rubbish as usual).

As usual, he is back to posting trash on his Instagram page despite claiming to rebrand. Shatta Wale’s rebranding has turned BEANS!