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Shatta Wale Couldn’t Last For A Month Offline As He’s Back On Instagram Flaunting A ‘Borrowed’ Rolls Royce

Shatta Wale Couldn't Last For A Month Offline As He's Back On Instagram Flaunting A 'Borrowed' Rolls Royce

I was thinking Shatta Wale was going to be offline for 12 f***king months or even more to focus on his life and upcoming projects but that never happened as he’s back to social media to continue his usual rants.

Shatta Wale is back on all social media platforms. Wait, was he even off social media as he announced? Well, since social media is his second home, he’s back with photos of him flaunting a ‘borrowed’ Rolls Royce.

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On his Instagram page, he posted couple photos posing with the ‘borrowed’ Rolls Royce with the caption;

“Only you can congratulate yourself shatta wale💛 All you pray for is progress and they don’t see it . Move forward and don’t look back ,you are blessed ..welcome back #KOAD #GOG #Itsamustwustgetthere #HYLYF“.

In all his captions on the photos, he did not disclose that he’s bought a Rolls Royce so you know where this expensive whip came from, right? It’s either a borrowed or rented whip.