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Shannon Sharpe Attacked Memphis Grizzlies’ Player Ja Mora During A Live Game Allegedly To Impress His Gay Stylist Friend, Hollywood Mugler

Shannon Sharpe Attacked Memphis Grizzlies' Player Ja Mora During A Live Game Allegedly To Impress His Gay Stylist Friend, Hollywood Mugler

53-year-old former NFL player and sports commentator Shannon Sharpe pulled a silly stunt on Friday during the NBA game between Los Angeles Lakers and the Memphis Grizzlies’ widely televised match. Shannon got in a heated altercation with Memphis Grizzlies’ 23-year-old star Ja Morant and the internet cannot keep calm on the absurdity.

Sharpe claims he heard a Memphis Grizzlies player mutter, “F*** You Shannon” so he got triggered and directed his unjust anger on Ja Morant right on the field. Sharpe didn’t just go frenzy on Ja because Steven Adams and Ja’s father Tee Morant got a hint of his craze and stepped in Ja’s defense, so he blasted all the mentioned personalities.

The show-stopping outburst got Sharpe thrown out of the game by security. Sharpe being a former athlete, nothing can be more disgusting.

However, reports say the 53-year-old’s silly outburst was an act to impress his stylist that accompanied him to the game that Friday. Yes, Sharpe was at the game with his gay stylist Hollywood Mugler, so letting go of the trivial wasn’t part of his to-do list that day. It was all about impressing his alleged gay best friend and stylist.

Via Media Take Out;

Former NFL star Shannon Sharpe has been in the news lately, after he flew off the handle and tried to fight members of the Memphis Grizzlies basketball team, during Friday night’s game.

Shannon’s violent outburst seemed out of character for the usually jovial TV commentator. According to Shannon, he felt “disrespected” because one of the Memphis Grizzles muttered under his breath “f*** you” to Shannon and he felt the need to stand up and make a scene.

It was almost like Shannon was trying to impress his date for the night – and show his date how much of a “man” he was.

Of course, Shannon didn’t have a “date” that night, Media Take Out has learned.

But we do have some tea from that night. Shannon was not alone at the game. Media Take Out confirmed that Shannon was sitting front row, in seats that cost north of $10,000 each, with his “friend” and stylist “Hollywood” Mugler.

So who is this man, Hollywood Mugler?

Well, according to his social media post, he’s Shannon’s personal stylist. Hollywood does not list any of his other clients on his now private Instagram page’s bio.

It’s not clear why Shannon Sharpe would give his male “stylist” $10,000 tickets to a Friday night Lakers game.

And there’s more. Hollywood Mugler bears a striking resemblance to another Los Angeles stylist named Russell “Hollywood” Simpson (more on him in a second). Media Take Out has not been able to confirm that the two are one-in-the-same, but they do look a lot like each other.

Here’s a picture of Hollywood Mugler, with Shannon at the game:

Now the tea on Russell “Hollywood” Simpson. You’ll recall back in 2012, Hollywood Simpson came out and shocked the world claiming that he was carrying on a gay romance with then-NFL star Kerry Rhodes.

Pics leaked of the two men wearing matching clothing, and hugged up on each other – and those pics went viral.

While Kerry denied the claims, Russell “Hollywood” Simpson gave a series of interviews where he confirmed that he and Kerry were lovers – and he gave graphic intimate details about their encounters.

Here’s Hollywood, explaining his discreet encounter with former NFL player Kerry Rhodes:

Will Smith did not hesitate to slap his colleague live on television because of a joke, Marvin Gaye III pointed a gun at his wife during a misunderstanding, and now, another grandpa, (Shannon) got pissed and unleashed on a young boy live in the presence of a crowd and live on television. Old folks are really giving me the shock of my life in recent times.

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