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Serena Williams Accused Of Undergoing Botched Facial Surgery

Serena Williams Joins Her Husband's Faith As She's Baptized As A New Member Of The Jehovah's Witness

Former tennis star Serena Williams has allegedly gone under the knife, and although we have no idea what Serena wanted her new face to look like, the doctor obviously got it wrong.

New images of Serena’s buffy face are going viral with an obvious new face she allegedly bought from her doctor, and it appears as if the surgery went wrong.

Social media is in frenzy, accusing Serena of choosing the wrong doctor for delicate work. While the buffy face could just be a result of weight gain, netizens are positive that the 41-year-old mother of one got her face botched.

Via Media Take Out;

Serena Williams’ face looks much … much different, and not in a good way. Yesterday she was spotted out in Los Angeles, with Kelly Rowland, and paparazzi snapped a few pictures.

As Media Take Out has reported, Serena has gotten multiple facial surgical procedures. Most recently, she’s been getting fillers around her eyes and her cheeks. And the many procedures have given her a swollen face, which looks VERY unnatural.

And she’s definitely overdone it. Serena’s fans all across social media fear that the tennis superstar may have done permanently destroyed her beauty with too much botched plastic surgery.

Beauties like Lil Kim, Vivica Fox, and Jada Pinkett all went too far with plastic surgeries – and destroyed their faces. Hopefully Serena isn’t too far gone, like the other ladies.

Serena is widely regarded as the greatest tennis player in history.

From the 2002 French Open to the 2003 Australian Open, she was dominant, winning all four major singles titles (each time over Venus in the final) to achieve a non-calendar year Grand Slam and the career Grand Slam, known as the ‘Serena Slam’.

The next few years saw her claim two more singles majors, but suffer from injury and decline in form. Beginning in 2007, however, she gradually returned to form despite continued injuries, retaking the world No. 1 singles ranking. Beginning at the 2012 Wimbledon Championships, Williams returned to dominance, claiming Olympic gold (completing the Career Golden Slam in singles) and winning eight out of thirteen singles majors, including all four in a row from 2014–15 to achieve a second “Serena Slam”.

At the 2017 Australian Open, she won her 23rd major singles title, surpassing Steffi Graf’s Open Era record. She then took a break from professional tennis after becoming pregnant and reached four major finals upon returning to play. In August 2022, Williams announced her impending “evolution” away from professional tennis and played what was expected to be her final match at the 2022 US Open.

Meanwhile, are Jehovah’s witnesses allowed to undergo plastic surgeries?

Here is a photo of Serena Williams’ alleged botched face:

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