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Sequoya King’s Assault Case Against Blac Chyna Dismissed

Sequoya King's Assault Against Blac Chyna Dismissed

Blac Chyna is free of one less scandal, many more to go!

People like Blac Chyna and their frenemies are filled with crap, and it is not funny! In an altercation between Blac Chyna and her supposed friend Sequoya King earlier this year, Sequoya accused Chyna of assault and reported the incident to the Los Angeles police but of course not without narrating every detail on social media.

However, Chyna has won one legal battle in her life. The Police have exonerated her troubled a** and cleared her of all charges.

According to Los Angeles Police department, Chyna did not kick Sequoya in her stomach. Lucky her, it would have been her second legal loss this year following her sh-tty defamatory loss against the Kardashians.

Meanwhile, this is not the end of Chyna’s legal battles. There’s a bigger and messier one yet to come. A famewh-re Ava Louise is accusing Chyna of kidnapping, and possible s-x trafficking. So b-tch has a long way to go before the year ends.

The JB reports:

Blac Chyna (real name Angela Renée White) has been able to put at least one of the cases against her to rest.

RadarOnline reports that the reality TV personality and entrepreneur has been exonerated of all charges in the case involving a friend who claimed she kicked her in the stomach days after losing to Rob Kardashian and his family in court.

According to a representative from the Los Angeles Police Department,

“The case is no longer being investigated by detectives.”

Sequoya King claimed that in May of this year she and Blac Chyna were out having fun with some of their other friends in downtown Los Angeles when the alleged incident took place. The ex-girlfriend of Rob Kardashian apparently became infuriated when she believed she was being recorded, prompting her to grab Sequoya King’s phone and toss it to the floor.

Blac Chyna also allegedly kicked the victim in the stomach and threw her to the ground.

Days after the alleged assault, Sequoya King said,

“She charged towards me. She kicks me, right in my stomach. I stumbled back, I got knocked down.”

Chyna can allegedly be heard denying the accusations in video footage obtained by TMZ. She and her friends left the scene before the police arrived.

Days before the alleged incident, Chyna lost a multi-million dollar legal battle to Kris, Kim, Khloé, and Kylie Kardashian. She accused them of fabricating evidence that led to the E! canceling her reality show Rob & Chyna.

The family refuted the claims and said that Chyna’s inappropriate connection with Rob was actually to blame, which the jury apparently believed because they sided with the Kardashians.

The victory comes as Chyna is currently at the center of sex trafficking allegations made by Ava Louise, who shared details of the ordeal via TikTok.

Despite the recent cease and desist letter she received from the reality star, Ava Louise, who’s accusing Chyna of holding her against her will, is sticking to her story. The influencer’s attorneys said their client called the FBI sex trafficking hotline within hours of the alleged encounter, resulting in a formal report being filed with the government.

According to Ava Louise,

“Blac Chyna held me hostage and I’m pretty sure she was trying to sex traffic me.”

Ava Louise continued and shared that she was invited to Chyna’s house, and when she arrived around, 4 a.m., she was forced to sign an NDA unlike any other. Allegedly, she was required to put down key “identifying features” about her physical look, including her “hair color, eye color, and height” on the legal document. Following the signing of the NDA, things turned sour and Chyna allegedly said,

“All the things you read about me kidnapping people are true.”

Chyna and her attorneys continue to deny all the “false and defamatory” statements.

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