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Self-proclaimed PRO Of Dr Kwaku Oteng, Gloria Sarfo Claims He Has No 4th & 5th Wives

Self-proclaimed PRO Of Dr Kwaku Oteng, Gloria Sarfo Claims He Has No 4th & 5th Wives

Between the CEO of Angel Group of companies, Dr Kwaku Oteng and his 4th wife, Akua GMB, whom do you think will hire Z-list actress, Gloria Sarfo to come out to do damage control about the 5th wife brouhaha?

Reserve your answers for now but for me, I think Gloria Sarfo needs some favours from the Oteng family hence hopping on Instagram to claim Dr Kwaku Oteng has no 4th and 5th wives as it has been speculated in the media.

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According to Gloria Sarfo in a long and boring Instagram post, Akua GMB is never the 4th wife of Dr Kwaku Oteng and therefore the issue of a 5th wife is bogus and false.

If Akua GMB isn’t the 4th wife of Dr Kwaku Oteng then who is she to the business mogul? A second wife or a recognised and accepted side chick?

Gloria Sarfo also claims Dr Kwaku Oteng hasn’t married a 5th wife so the news about the man marrying Linda Achiaa should be treated as false.

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I guess Linda Achiaa is also one of the recognised and accepted side chicks of Dr Kwaku Oteng based on what self-proclaimed PRO of the Oteng family, Gloria Sarfo wrote on Instagram.

It’s obvious that Gloria Sarfo is supporting her friend, Akua GMB in this whole 5th wife brouhaha, after all, what are friends for?

Read her full post below;

“Sometimes I wonder why and how people just sit in their homes, closet and corners just to tarnish people’s well built images/integrity/credibility/legacies for NOTHING OR MAYBE THEIR OWN SELFISH INTERESTS👹
We must try to give respect to whom it’s due👌💯
How on earth can you create a story of your own when you have no clue about it, how??? Just how???🙄🤦‍♀️ First of all, THERE IS NO 4TH WIFE, to even have a FIFTH WIFE(Yes do your checks well)🙄
Secondly, for Christ’s sake, the man still has her beloved mother sorry to say ” IN THE MORTUARY” waiting to bury her peacefully🙏😭🙏
Thirdly, this man here has a lot of respect for women👌💯
So how on earth could he get married to another woman in that state how?
A whole lot of issues created around this unfortunate yet PRIVATE situation!!! And it’s just sickening👹
For heaven’s sake, let’s accord this GREAT MAN some respect and tolerance
Or maybe we should ask ourselves this question;
Is he an irresponsible man?? NO NO NO!!!
Above all, let’s weigh the GOOD THINGS ABOUT HIM and the SO CALLED BAD THINGS we speculate about him, and realize the result👌
Whatever happened to the fact that, he’s KIND, CARING, TOLERANT, GIVING, SHARING, INDUSTRIOUS, HARDWORKING, AND ABOVE ALL, VERY RELIGIOUS👌💯🙏 PLEASE Let’s rather patronize his goods and services;
ANGEL ESTATES AMONG OTHERS and give him some space🤚
PAPA….All shall pass…You’re a GREAT MAN, a NATIONAL ASSET and we appreciate you GREATLY…God continue to bless you and yours 🙌🙏🙌

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