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Search Affidavit Proves Takeoff’s Suspected Killer Patrick Xavier Clark Could Be The One Who Shot The Rapper

Takeoff's Suspected Killer Patrick Xavier Carl Asks Judge For $5K Cash To Help Build His Defense

New details of the unfortunate incident that saw the demise of Migos rapper Takeoff continue to pop up. From the search warrant affidavit filed last week, it has been discovered that the suspect Patrick Xavier Clark must be the gunman all along despite his unyielding claim to be innocent. Reports say Patrick and Willie Bland were the individuals that fired shots on that fateful night.

According to the reports, Takeoff’s uncle Quavo got into an altercation with some men by the names of Cameron Joshua, Christopher Watkins, and Micheal Price at the Bowling Alley in Houston.

A friend of Quavo, Willie Bland got a hint of the argument and punched Cameron Joshua before firing several shots at the three individuals. However, Willie’s position is non-consistent with the injuries obtained by Takeoff, so it takes us back to the next gunman, Patrick.

The suspect, Patrick Xavier Clark was seen firing shots in the rapper’s direction before he fell to the ground unconscious.

According to the report, Xavier had a wine bottle in one hand while firing the shots with the other hand. Patrick left the wine bottle at the scene before fleeing to House of Blues. The wine bottle was later found collected and DNA determined Clark is indeed the man shooting in Take’s direction.

Via Vlad;

New details have surfaced from the unfortunate night that found Takeoff of Migos losing his life. An affidavit viewed by ‘New York Times’ reporter Joe Coscarelli mapped out a timeline of events that led to Takeoff’s death. 

The affidavit said Quavo was in the middle of a lucrative dice game out of the 810 Billiards and Bowling Alley in Houston, Texas, when he got into an argument after losing money to two people. One man, identified as Willie Bland, reportedly got into an altercation with one of the individuals Quavo lost his money to. 

From there, two people fired off guns, with Bland being confirmed as one of the people. The affidavit noted Bland’s location at the time of the shooting was not consistent with injuries suffered by Takeoff to blame him for the rapper’s death. The affidavit stated alleged Takeoff killer Patrick Xavier Clark was the only person seen firing off a weapon. Clark was charged because of fingerprints left on a wine bottle he was holding during the shooting. The wine bottle was left in the parking lot ahead of Clark fleeing to the House of Blues.

Patrick is currently being charged with the murder. However, he continues to maintain his innocence and pleaded with the judge for $5,000 cash to build his case, which he was given.

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