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Screengrabs Of Faith Evans Threatening Stevie J’s Wealthy White Side-chick Released On Instagram And It’s Horrible

Stevie J Says He Caught Faith Evans Sleeping With Men In His Bed And Releases Video Evidence

I love the dramatic part of Hollywood! It’s ON! I thought Faith Evans and Stevie J were getting divorced but what happened? And why’s Faith issuing threatening messages to Stevie’s alleged sidepiece? I just don’t get it but MTO News has got the juicy part of the whole drama.

Faith Evans is going viral all across social media, after sending some pretty threatening DMs to a woman believed to be her husband Stevie J’s side piece.

The alleged side chick – who is reportedly a wealthy White woman – received the threatening messages from Faith, and was horrified.

Stevie and Faith had a very public separation, after the Love & Hip Hop star accused Faith publicly of cheating on him. Faith filed to divorce Stevie, but eventually the two reconciled.

Shortly after making his accusations, Stevie publicly apologized to Faith over and over again as reported by you Media Take Out, and two months ago the beautiful R&B singer forgave her husband.

But now Stevie appears to be back to his old tricks again. According to multiple social media reports, he’s been carrying on with his wealthy side piece all over Miami.

And Faith is not playing either. Media Take Out confirmed that yesterday Faith hopped on a plane from Los Angeles to Miami. It’s not clear whether Faith pulled up on the sideline ho yet, or she’s planning to do that soon.

Okay, I’ve not been following gossip these days so I didn’t even know Stevie J and Faith Evans had reconciled and continued from wherever they paused.

Here are the screenshots of messages Faith Evans sent to Stevie J’s alleged sidepiece:

Away from the sidepiece drama, here is a short Faith Evans profile as a musician:

Other than her recording career, Evans is most known as the widow of New York rapper Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace, whom she married on August 4, 1994, a few months after meeting him at a Bad Boy photoshoot.

The turbulent marriage resulted in Evans’ involvement in the East Coast–West Coast hip hop rivalry, dominating the rap music news at the time, and ended with Wallace’s murder in an unsolved drive-by shooting in Los Angeles on March 9, 1997.

A 1997 tribute single featuring Puff Daddy and the band 112, named “I’ll Be Missing You”, won Evans a Grammy Award in 1998. Also an actress and writer, Evans made her screen debut in the 2000 musical drama Turn It Up by Robert Adetuyi. Her autobiography Keep the Faith: A Memoir was released by Grand Central Publishing in 2008 and won a 2009 African American Literary Award for the Best Biography/Memoir category.

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