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Saweetie Mourns Takeoff After Backlashes Over Her Silly Diss Song To Quavo

Saweetie Mourns Takeoff After Backlashes Over Her Silly Diss Song To Quavo

Callous Saweetie has finally developed a heart to grieve Takeoff following numerous backlashes after she released a song dissing Quavo just two weeks after Takeoff’s murder.

Saweetie released an album with a song dubbed ‘Say Notin‘ that addressed Quavo in the harshest possible way despite his grief.

Saweetie never addressed his ex-boyfriend Quavo’s nephew’s death until she was dragged on social media for her insensitivity. She is here mourning Takeoff despite her cruel behavior and feels Takeoff’s murder was “surreal.”

Via Vlad;

Recently, Saweetie dropped ‘The Single Life’ EP and faced backlash after one of her songs found her addressing an alleged link-up with Lil Baby, as well as her past relationship with Quavo.

The rapper was called out the timing of her release, which follows the tragic loss of Takeoff, Quavo’s nephew. In a recent interview, Saweetie spoke on Takeoff, calling his death “surreal.” 

“It honestly felt so surreal,” Saweetie said while speaking to Complex. The rapper spent time with Takeoff and the Migos family while dating Quavo, and she continued saying, “I feel like the world stopped.”

Saweetie continued saying, “He was a wonderful human being. I mean wonderful, like hella dope. My heart, my condolences go to his family. It’s just really surreal. I feel like Hip Hop is in a really eerie state right now.” 

Next time when someone is grieving, do us a favor and take your wh-re issues far from us! Not everything is about you and your sh-tty reputation.

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