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Sarkodie’s Wife, Tracy Sarkcess, Says Her Parents Were Against Their Relationship

Sarkodie Claims Tracy Hasn't Given Birth Yet

The wife of Sarkodie, Tracy Sarkcess, has shockingly revealed in the question and answer session on Twitter that her parents were against her relationship with Sarkodie.

Yes, every parent would be pissed off if their child accepts to date a broke underground rapper and that was exactly what happened to Sarkodie and Tracy’s relationship.

Apparently, Tracy Sarkcess saw something great ahead of Sarkodie and then took a firm decision to stick by him no matter what and here they are today, rich, famous and living a happy life.

According to Tracy, her family didn’t understand why a “university girl” like her would date a rapper, not even a famous rapper but an underground rapper with nothing!

Tracy disclosed that she never allowed them to decide for her because she was the one in the relationship with Sarkodie and not them.

One fan Silas Sekyere asked; “hello queen T ….did you ever faced any challenges in your relationship from your family?? “Like, yemp3 dakyi 3b3 y3 yie biaaaaa ooo”.

And then Tracy came with a shocking answer; “Yes paaa! My family didn’t understand why “university girl” like me would date a rapper. & there was the perception that rappers are womanisers. But I had to stand my ground. I was the one in the relationship not them so wasn’t going to let them choose 4 me #SrAskTracySarkCess”.

It would have been a disaster if Sarkodie had dumped Tracy after all these years of sacrifices. Sarkodie and Tracy got married in 2018 and are blessed with a 4-year-old girl, Titi.

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