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Sarkodie Reacts To Ridge Hospital’s Order Banning Visitors From Sitting At The Visiting Area

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Sarkodie has reacted to the ongoing nonsense at the Ridge Hospital where visitors are ordered not to sit on seats at the visiting area for reasons yet to be revealed by the management of the hospital.

In a video which has gone viral on the internet, visitors were seen sitting on the pavement at the hospital all because they were banned from sitting at the visiting area.

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The huge visiting area at the hospital with empty seats was left unoccupied as visitors were seen walking about aimlessly─and not knowing where to sit while they waited to see their wards.

Sarkodie on Twitter is shocked after watching the video and he is asking why they spent taxpayers money to build the visiting area if they weren’t going allow visitors to sit and rest there. “So what’s the essence?”, he asked.

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Sarkodie retweeted the video and asked: “It’s really that bad how we treat our own people … like I never get this!!! You build this huge facility but can’t find no sitting area for people? So what’s the essence??”

A lot of nonsense happens in the country called Ghana!

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