Sarkodie Names His Son ‘Michael’ After Speaking Against Blacks Bearing White Names In His ‘Brown Paper Bag’ Track

Sarkodie Finally Posts A Photo Of His Ghanaian-US born Son And Reveals His Name
Sarkodie & kids

Sarkodie has been preaching about Pan-Africanism but there is nothing Pan-Africanism about him and there are a bunch of reasons why people should not take him seriously on his Pan-Africanism rants.

Why should you take someone who preaches against Blacks bearing White names but names his kids ‘Titi’ and ‘Michael’? If your parents out of ignorance gave you a White name does it means you should also follow that path even though you keep preaching against it? That’s Sarkodie for you!

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Sarkodie in his recent track titled “Brown Paper Bag” featuring Manifest which talks about Pan-Africanism, he talked against Blacks bearing Whites names and we thought he was going to give his newborn son an indigenous name but that never happened.

Sarkodie has rather named his Ghanaian-US born son ‘Michael’ which is a typical English name.

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Also, it’s alleged that Sarkodie and Tracy travelled to the United States to have their baby there in order to secure his future with American citizenship.

Whatever Sarkodie said in his “Brown Paper Bag” song should be regarded as one of those trashy songs by Patapaa and AY Poyoo.