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Sarkodie Is Suing 3 Bloggers For Leaking His “Black Love” Album

Sarkodie Is Suing 3 Bloggers For Leaking His “Black Love” Album

To the Bloggers who without permission leaked Sarkodie’s “Black Love” album, you are in deep trouble because he is dragging your butts to court for breaking his heart.

Sarkodie’s much-talked-about album “Black Love” was leaked a day before the announced date of release and according to him, he was heartbroken when he saw the album on some popular Blogs.

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Sarkodie in an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM disclosed that he knows 3 Bloggers who were behind the leaking of his “Black Album”──and that he is ready to drag their butts to court.

Brokenhearted Sarkodie revealed that:

“I was heartbroken when the Black Love Album leaked. We are taking legal action against the people who uploaded it on their sites without authorization.

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I have the names of 3 people who leaked it, I have the proof and everything that they leaked the album, and I’m taking them to court”.

A lawsuit is likely to stare in the faces of these 3 Bloggers in the coming days──but I think it’s a frivolous lawsuit on arrival because, from all indications, the album was leaked by an insider to the Bloggers.

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