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Sarie Kessler and Will Smith

Sarie Kessler is the mother of Will Smith’s colleague and long-time friend Margot Robbie. The duo have worked on a few projects together and share a very close bond on and off set, which made people even begin to suspect them at a point.

Little did they realize both Margot and Will Smith are happily married and living with their partners. Today we talk about Sarie Kessler and Will Smith.

Sarie Kessler who is the biological mum of the Wolf of Wall Street star seems to be too fond of her daughter and has always got her back throughout her years in acting.

Sarie works as a health specialist and is a mother of four with Margot being the third. Sarie’s last-born Cameroon is also into acting and has had the chance of featuring top stars in Hollywood.

Sarie single-handedly raised Margot and her siblings after breaking up with their dad Doug Robbie who although was successful but didn’t care for them.

Margot once revealed in an interview she doesn’t have a strong bond with his dad although they are cool.

She has on several occasions brought her mum to award ceremonies and she never fails to acknowledge her for her immense support in her career. Sarie Kessler and Will Smith are said to have built a relationship because of Margot.

Will Smith and Margot both appeared in the Focus and Suicide Squad movies. The two are said to have played a romantic scene in the Focus movie in which they both looked comfortable in each other’s arms.

They also went on to shoot an ad for a magazine in which Will appeared topless.

They also went on star in Suicide Squad which even deepened the speculation of what people were saying.

Margot on the other hand has come out to dispel the rumors citing that she maintains a very professional relationship with Will Smith and would never cross the line to engage in any romantic relationship with him.

Will Smith on the other has refused to comment on the issue as he feels like he doesn’t owe anyone an explanation.

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