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Sandra Ankobiah After Listening And Enjoying Black Sherif’s “Second Sermon” Song Claims She Doesn’t Know Him

Sandra Ankobiah After Enjoying Black Sherif's "Second Sermon" Song Claims She Doesn't Know Him

Lawyer Sandra Ankobiah is behaving like her fellow slay queens who have no time to Google names of people of things they have no idea about.

A simple Googling of Black Sherif will fetch all the vital information about him but here is Sandra Ankobiah asking Twitter folks who the hell Black Sherif is.

After listening and enjoying the musician’s “Black Sermon” song, she hopped on Twitter and claimed she doesn’t know him and that her followers should tell her who he is.

The lawyer who is yet to win a case in court tweeted and asked; “Yooo!! Second sermon is a jam!!! Who’s the dude?!”.