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Samuel Osei Kufuor’s Baby Mama, Charlotte Derban, In Big Trouble As The Former Footballer Doubts He’s Biological Father Of Their Child

Samuel Osei Kufuor's Baby Mama, Charlotte Derban, In Big Trouble As The Former Footballer Doubts He's The Biological Father Of Their Child

There is a viral report that former Ghanaian footballer, Samuel Osei Kufuor, is in doubt and reportedly requesting for a DNA to be conducted on his child with one of the slay queens posing as a big girl on Instagram, Charlotte Derban — and according to the report, she is now in hot waters and has gone mute on the gram.

A DNA test is powerful to the extent that it has muted Charlotte Derban aka Charly D on the gram? Wow! According to the Instagram gossip page, Cutie Julls, Samuel Osei Kufuor thinks he isn’t the biological father of Charly’s child and probably thinking of having DNA done on the child to clear his doubts.

Charlotte Derban who used to throw shades at other baby mamas of the former footballer has put a stop to it and now claims that life outside the gram is peaceful and the best.

According to Cutie Julls:

“Ghana please read the caption on the pic again na sissy make hot.

She’s lying o. It’s because Samuel Osei Kuffuor our professional footballer, aka serial baby daddy aka Tuga is in doubts if indeed sissy’s baby is indeed his. Knowing all the men that haff do the do with sissy in that their Ghana Rich men’s club. Now Sissy can’t even flaunt her “millionaire baby mama” on the gram. Like she’s gone pim. She thought she was going to be Mrs Kuffour. The original Mrs Kuffour is also chilaxing in Abroad and has refused to give Oga divorce.

Madam was busy shading Osei’s other baby mamas, now na her turn. Biko, what happened to all her shading caption 😩😩👩‍🦯”.