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Salma Mumin, Who’s At Loggerheads With Moesha Buduong, Is Yet To Comment On Her Predicament

Salma Mumin Accuses Moesha Buduong Of Revealing Her 'Real Age' On Instagram

Salma Mumin, who is at loggerheads with Moesha Buduong, hasn’t coughed about her predicament—and she’s likely not to say a word about it. She’s probably pretending not to have seen or heard what’s happening to her former friend, Moesha.

Salma Mumin has been quiet about Moesha’s predicament and minding her damn business—since they aren’t friends anymore.

Their friendship ended after Moesha Buduong made a comment shading Salma Mumin and others for criticizing her for going under the knife to enhance her hips and b*tts but sneaking to Turkey to have their bodies done too.

Is Salma Mumin part of those celebrities laughing at Moesha Buduong in the celebrity WhatsApp group? Or she is part of those laughing at Moe in their heads?

Salma Mumin should at least show some concern since they have one or two things in common.