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Actress Salma Mumin Is Dating Multiple Married Men – Moesha Buduong Reveals

As I said earlier on that a lot of dirty secrets are going to be revealed by Salma Mumin and Moesha Buduong, another bombshell has been dropped and it’s shocking!

Moesha Buduong says that Salma Mumin has been dating and still sleeping around with multiple married men and covering up with her “2by4 businesses”.

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Flying first class in and out of Turkey are all sponsored by Salma Mumin’s multiple married men and this is no news to me because the majority of these female celebrities date rich married men to support their lavish lifestyle.

Salma Mumin is not exceptional and as Moesha Buduong, her then best friend has revealed, there is no way I, Clement, will doubt it.

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Most of them sleep with rich married men and then pretend on social media that they are working so hard. They are all a bunch of husband choppers!

According to Moesha Buduong who claims to know a lot about Salma Mumin, she is worst when it comes to dating married men in exchange of money and material stuff─even worst than her, Moesha!

Check the screenshot below.

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