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Safaree Claims He Almost Got Shot In The Head By Stray Bullet

Safaree Claims He Almost Got Shot In The Head By Stray Bullet

Safaree nearly suffered Takeoff’s fate as he was almost killed by a stray bullet. The rapper took to Instagram to update his followers on how he nearly got killed by a stray bullet. Safaree claims he was out on an Atlanta street when an unknown gunman fired 10 shots in 3 minutes a few inches away from him.

Safaree claimed he was lucky to be alive and ended the video with his disgust for criminals. While there were no police in the background to confirm his claims, Safaree was touching the gunshot residue to prove his case.

This alleged shooting incident follows after one of the robbers that got away with Safaree‘s $180K worth of jewelry back in 2018 was sentenced to 25 years in prison last month. Could this be an attack purposely on Safaree? Likely!

Media Take Out Reports;

Reality television star Safaree claims he was almost shot in the head by a stray bullet in Atlanta.

He posted a video of the aftermath to his Instagram. In the video, you can see a hole in the wall and bullet fragments on the ground.

“I almost got shot in my head by a stray bullet!! I was inches away from where the bullet holes came from!! This is why I can’t f-cking stand Atlanta!!!!! THANK GOD OMG!! That’s why I don’t feel sorry for you criminals!!”

He then shared a closeup of the bullet.

“I cannot believe that just happened!!!!” he added. “Whoever that was had a switch on his gun and let off 10 shots in 3 seconds.”

Some fans offered support, others warned him against posting on social media.

“Why repost that and make yourself a target? They don’t care in Atlanta. Just thank God in peace for sparing your life,” one fan wrote.

Considering the timing of the incident, it is safe to say that Safaree was targeted, but he feels otherwise. It will take the police to reveal the motive of the incident and if it even happened.

Here is Safaree letting everyone know he almost got shot:

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