Sadly, Most Ghanaian Girls Are Losing Money By Turning Down Dating Requests Of Men

Sadly, Most Girls Are Losing Money By Turning Down Dating Requests Of Men
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Some Ghanaian girls are losing money by turning down the dating requests of men interested in them—but sadly, they do not even know that they are losing money! I’m not saying a relationship is all about money but money plays a very important role in relationships in our modern setting.

For someone like me in recent times, even before I ask a lady out, I’ve already planned on how much I will give to her monthly to support her—so if a lady turns my request down, it means she has lost money!

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For instance, if I plan on giving a lady Ghc500 to Ghc600 a month to support her, that’s some Ghc6,000 to 7,200 a year so if she turns me down, she has lost this amount of money—which is someone’s 12 months salary in this tattered economy of ours.

For someone like Israel Boafo Bansah and Akesse Moïse Sanza who give as much as Ghc1,500 to 2,000 as monthly allowance, if any girl turns their dating request down, they’ve lost nothing but the girl has lost money.

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You can still go with the 12th-century mindset that “relationship isn’t about money, it’s all about love” but please, when you need money, don’t worry another lady’s boyfriend or someone’s son because it’s annoying!

This is weird but the truth is that some girls are losing money by not allowing themselves to be loved!