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Sada Baby Blasts Tommie Lee For Disrespecting Chris Brown’s 3-Year-Old Kid

Sada Baby Blasts Tommie Lee For Disrespecting Chris Brown's 3-Year-Old Kid

Sada Baby is the latest to blast Tommie Lee for trash-talking Chris Brown‘s 3-year-old kid and also attempting to stab Natalie Nun. As expected, Tommie was dragged for literally going bonkers after she set eyes on Chris’ toddler at one of his concerts in London and literally tried to force her way into the kid’s room.

Sada Baby says Tommie Lee will barely survive her stupid actions in Detroit, talk less further coming to social media to trash talk the kid she fought her way to see.

Via VladTV;

Reality star Tommie Lee caught major backlash after dissing Chris Brown, his 3-year-old son, and the son’s mother following claims that she picked up the toddler backstage at Chris Brown’s concert at London’s O2 arena. Rollie of the Zeus reality show “Baddies West” made the claims on Instagram Live after Tommie attacked Natalie Nunn following the alleged incident. 

Rollie stated, “Natalie got us backstage with Chris Brown. Once we was headed to our section with Chris Brown and his team, why the f*** did Tommie see Chris Brown baby and was like, ‘Oh, his baby is so cute.’ They grabbed the baby and put him in the room. She smacked the door in. They went ballistic. Why would you do something like that and put me and Johnathan and Natalie in danger? We literally had to fight off three different n***as ’cause of what Tommie did. And she was drunk!”

Tommie later denied the claims on Instagram Live, where she went at Brown and his son, stating, “I don’t care about your baby. F*** your baby. And f*** his daddy, too. The f***? Really. Like, girl. I ain’t pressed ’bout no motherf***in baby. F*** him. All y’all look albino as f***. F*** all y’all motherf***ers.” 

After the incident went viral, many people were quick to call out Tommie for her comments about Chris’ son, which they felt was over the line. Detroit rapper Sada Baby was one of the critics who called out Tommie, as he wrote in an Instagram Story, “Screaming curse words n kickin a door down in the direction of a baby is wild. Y’all be lettin these reality TV girls do the wildest s***.” 

Sada added, “It woulda happened in Detroit wit out her gettin smacked at least. Not saying I woulda did it but I wouldn’t have had to. It’s just the principle.” 

Violence should not be encouraged, but I badly want Tommie to pay for her actions, especially pulling out a knife at such a civil event.

Here is Sada Baby blasting Tommie Lee:

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