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Sad As Sister Derby Painfully Reveals How Medikal, Deceived, ‘Used’ And Dumped Her For Fella Makafui

Exactly 3 Years Today, Sister Derby, Showered Praises On Her Ex-lover, Medikal, For Spitting Gibberish On Remix Of Kwesi Arthur's "Grind Day" Song

Sister Derby while fighting with Lawmaker, Sam George, over his stance on homosexuality in Ghana ended up revealing how Medikal deceived, ‘used’ and then dumped her for Fella Makafui.

Sister Derby reacting to Sam George‘s tweet about criminalizing homosexuality in Ghana trashed him and claimed he’s a shame to society.

Sam George, who is now the savage king, hit back really hard at Sister Derby with this tweet; Hopefully, when you figure out what genre of music you can succeed at, we can have a forward looking conversation. Until then, say hi to @AmgMedikal for me. Cheers.

Sister Derby responded with a tweet and ended up revealing how Medikal deceived, ‘used’ and dumped her for Fella Makafui. She replied;

“What be Peebles? You mean pebbles? No one attacked you personally. I responded exactly to the contents of your tweet. You are constantly exposing your s*xist nature and also acting childish. We have the lives of innocent people at stake, and you mock me for being deceived. An MP?!”

“What be Peebles?” she tweeted. You mean sand? Niemand slammed you I replied to your tweet exactly. You are consistently s*xist and childish. You ridicule me for being duped while innocent lives are at stake. “A MP?”

It’s obvious that Sister Derby is still pained about how Fella Makafui snatched her sweet boy, Medikal from her. Stop crying and move on, Sister Derby!

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