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RUMOURS: Tracy & Kennedy’s Traditional Marriage Happened At Despite’s Compound Instead Of Her Father’s House

Tracy & Kennedy's Traditional Marriage Happened At Despite's Compound Instead Of Her Father's

The rumours making rounds on the Ghanaian social media space have it that the Despite family broke the century-old customary marriage law by holding Tracy and Kennedy’s traditional marriage on their compound instead of Tracy’s father’s house.

But who cares about a century-old customary marriage law when the tang of money, fame and power is being smelled by Tracy’s family?

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It could also be that the two families came into an agreement that since the marriage revolves around the wealthy and mighty Despite family, a plush mansion, thus, Osei Kwame Despite’s plush mansion at Trasaco Valley was appropriate for the big occasion hence settling on it as the rumours claim.

Tracy and Kennedy’s glamorous traditional marriage reportedly happened at a plush mansion of the Despite family at Trasaco Valley near East Legon on Thursday, February 13, 2020.

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In a typical Ghanaian setting, the traditional or customary marriage ceremony between Kennedy and Tracy should have happened at her father’s compound but since the saying that, “Money stops all nonsense” has come to stay, it makes sense that it happened at the compound of the Despite family.

I have doubts that Tracy’s family were forced to accept the traditional marriage or customary marriage to held at her father’s in-law’s premises instead of her father’s house.

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An agreement beneficial to both families was reached and accepted by all if indeed the customary marriage was held on the compound of the Despite family at Trasaco Valley.

Congratulations once again to Kennedy and Tracy!

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