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Rumor Has It That Jalen Rose’s Estranged Wife, Molly Qerim, Is Now Dating Stephen A Smith

Rumor Has It That Jalen Rose's Estranged Wife, Molly Qerim, Is Now Dating Stephen A Smith

The reason behind Jalen Rose filing for divorce from his wife, Molly Qerim, hasn’t been revealed yet—but rumors that Molly is dating Stephen A. Smith could be the hidden reason behind their divorce. Jalen while addressing the issue of their divorce said they’ve been apart for a year and that going their separate ways is the best option.

There is a wild rumor that Molly Qerim and Stephen A. Smith are exchanging fluids—and according to MTO News sources, they flirt a lot on camera.

MTO News spoke with two ESPN employees who work close to Stephan A and Molly, and both said that they suspect that the two may be dating. One employee explained, “She’s definitely Stephen A’s type, a non-Black woman with ‘exotic’ features.’ Molly is ethnically mixed, Italian and Albanian.

The other employee told MTO News, “They flirt a lot on camera. I thought it was all just play-play. But now that we learn she’s been single for a year. Yeah, it seems like something is up.”

Here’s a video of the two recently flirting on-air. Stephen A says to Molly “I need you”, and other flirtatious things. Later in the same segment Molly claimed that she and Stephen would be going to the Met gala next year “together.”

They make a real cute couple, if true. But we wonder how Stephan A’s ESPN colleague Jalen would feel if he finds that his wife and the homie are dating????

From the above rumor, their divorce could be dramatic and messy even though they seem to have agreed on going through the divorce process with maturity and hoping for smooth court proceedings. Anything is bound to happen especially when Molly Qerim hasn’t coughed about the divorce.

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