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Rubi Rose Sparks Dating Rumor With French Montana After They Were Papped Together

Rubi Rose Sparks Dating Rumors With French Montana After They Were Papped Together

Rubi Rose has finally moved on from her ex-boyfriend DDG after dragging him for months and grabbing herself another boyfriend, 38-year-old rapper French Montana.

Reports say Rubi Rose and the one-time divorcee rapper have been dating for a few days now but have failed to make the relationship public; however, the two were papped together at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, and they seemed pretty romantic.

Friends of the duo confirmed that the two are in love.

VladTV Reports;

Rumors are heating up about a romance between rappers Rubi Rose and French Montana after they were seen arriving together at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills on Monday (March 13) night. 

Paparazzi caught Rubi and French as they were heading into the restaurant, and before they got inside, French threw his arm around the “I Like” rapper. Sources close to Rubi told TMZ that she is French’s new girlfriend, although it’s unclear when they began dating. 

This comes after Rubi was involved in a public back-and-forth with her ex-boyfriend, rapper DDG, who appeared to diss Rose on a song called “Way Too Petty.”

On the song, DDG raps, “Tell them n***as do they research/I could fall off and come right back like it’s rebirth/Don’t believe the internet, it’s not that b*tch’s t-shirt.” Many believed that the last line was a reference to Rubi Rose’s “having ur b*tch [wear] my clothes” tweet.

Rubi Rose destroyed her ex’s relationship and quickly moved on with another man, damn.

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