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Rubi Rose Says He Prefers Men Who Are Toxic To Her

Rubi Rose Says He Prefers Men Who Are Toxic To Her

Welcome to 21st-century relationships, where the more toxic the relationship, the better the partners feel good.

25-year-old Rubi Rose sat down with YouTuber Zia in an interview and confirmed that she loses interest in relationships once men start loving and appreciating her.

According to DDG’s ex-girlfriend, she finds men more attractive when they are hostile and treat her unfairly, but once they start liking her, she starts losing interest. How insane can one be, huh?

VladTV Report;

Rubi Rose is going viral for comments she made while speaking to YouTuber Zias, who asked what she looks for in a man. 

Around the 11:30 minute mark, Rubi explained, “I like guys that don’t like me. And when they start liking me, I don’t like them. It’s really sad, it’s weird. Unless I really really like them, but I like when guys don’t act interested. You know what I’m saying?”

Rubi also addressed photos of her out with French Montana during the sit-down, and she explained that they only went out one time.

While Rubi Rose’s outlook on relationships is insane and silly, it is not the only strange form of romance in recent times. Some partners have to act like dogs to please their partners. The insanity is more than you can imagine.

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