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Royal Drama! Prince Harry Claims Prince William Warned Him About Proposing To Meghan Markle

Royal Drama! Prince Harry Claims Prince William Warned Him About Proposing To Meghan Markle

Why did Prince Harry keep going to Prince William for advice when he claims William hated him and he Harry considered himself the smartest? Well, more excerpts are popping up from Prince Harry’s autobiography dubbed “Spare,” set to be released on January 9.

According to the new pieces of info gathered, Harry claims Prince William warned him about proposing to Meghan but after he proposed and they got more serious, William commented saying he feels their late mother helped Harry find Meghan. As exciting as that sounded, Harry was offended by that too. The dude is just unbelievable.

According to Harry, Prince William continued his objection to Meghan Markle by objecting to two different wedding locations suggested by them. Westminster Abbey where he and Kate Middleton got married and Saint Pauls where Princess Diana and then Prince Charles got married.

Page Six Reports;

Prince Harry claims Prince William warned him not to propose to Meghan Markle out of fear the couple’s relationship was moving “too fast.”

In his bombshell new memoir, “Spare,” he explained that William shot down the idea that Harry and Markle would “become a foursome” with him and Kate because she was “an American actress after all.” 

Yet as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex got more serious, Harry told William he felt like their late mother, Diana, helped him “find” the “Suits” actress — which didn’t sit right with the Prince of Wales.

After making the bold claim, a “concerned” William “took a step back” and told his younger brother he was “taking things a bit too far.”

Despite William’s hesitancy, the couple got engaged in 2017 — a little over a year into their relationship.

However, the wedding planning process only drove a wedge further between the brothers.

When it came to choosing a venue, William shot down the idea of Harry and Markle getting married at Westminster Abbey, where he and Middleton had tied the knot seven years prior.

He also didn’t want the pair to choose St. Pauls — where Princess Diana and King Charles wed in 1981 — because it was apparently “too grand” for their nuptials.

While the wedding caused tension between the brothers, Middleton and Markle’s relationship also took a turn for the worse around the same time.

The two women got into a now-infamous fight over the bridesmaid dresses for the Sussexes’ big day — specifically regarding Princess Charlotte’s gown

According to Harry, the Princess of Wales texted Markle just days before their wedding about a “problem” with the fit of her daughter’s frock.

Middleton told the actress that Charlotte, now 7, “burst into tears” when she tried on the dress because it was “too big, long and baggy” and it needed to be completely redone

After Middleton finally agreed to bring the youngster to the palace to get alterations, the two women got into a heated argument which left Markle in tears “on the floor.” 

Although they were able to make amends the following day, the same can’t be said for the Fab Four’s relationship after “Spare” hits the shelves on Jan. 10.

My father once told us that his elder brother advised him not to own up to my mom’s pregnancy so he can run and live a happy life somewhere. When I exclaimed saying that it was cruel, my dad told me, it is cruel, but his brother (my uncle) meant good for him as well but he was just naive because he wasn’t working then, and my uncle, at his age thought that was a bit of sound advice. We are still family. But we can’t say the same for righteous Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle.

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