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Robert Mugabe Was Buried In A Steel Coffin Encased In Concrete To Prevent His Body From Being Exhumed

The former president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe who died in Singapore a few weeks back was finally laid to rest on Saturday, 28th September 2019 following a dispute between his family, traditional leaders and the government over his resting place.

After the back and forth as to where he should be buried, he was finally laid to rest near his home in Kutama, Zvimba, the village of his birth, 55 miles north-west of Harare.

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According to his eldest nephew, Leo Mugabe, who played a major role during his prolonged burial drama, the coffin which brought his embalmed body to Harare from Singapore had to be changed over security concerns.

“People really are after his body or his body parts, so we wanted something that is tamper-proof. That is why the casket was changed”, he disclosed.

Concrete was laid around Mugabe’s tomb after the steel coffin was lowered in it.


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