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Robert Downey Jr. Biography And Net Worth

Who is Robert Downey Jr?

Robert Downey Jr. is popularly known as one of the most influential and highest-paid Hollywood male actors whose movies are always highly grossed globally.

Despite his huge success chalked in acting, he has had a few setbacks in his early days including a strong battle with drug abuse, which he was able to overcome.

He has currently featured in over 100 blockbuster and comedy-like movies and is also one of the most sought-after actors.

Today’s article is going to look at the biography and net worth of actor and producer Robert Downey Jr.

Full Name: Robert John Downey Jr.
Date of birth: 4th April 1965
Occupation: Actor, producer
Net worth: $300 million
Father: Robert Downey Snr
Spouse: Susan Downey
Children: 3

Early life

Born in a suburb of Manhattan to parents who were fully involved in acting, Robert grew up watching his dad and mom act in the same movie.

Although his dad never really inspired him into acting but was rather the reason behind his turning into a drug addict.

He started taking drugs at a very tender age mostly in the company of his dad which made him hyper and went haywire.

He pursued a course in theatre before proceeding to high school but dropped out along the line to focus on acting

Career and setbacks

Although he used to play minor roles alongside his dad during his childhood days, he made his official onscreen debut in a television series.

He was later dropped out of the series as producers described his performance as not up to standard and also not commercial.

He had his first breakthrough in the movie Molly Ringwald which shot him to stardom and had the privilege of acting alongside Mel Gibson and Whoopi Goldberg.

He also played the Charlie Chaplin character in Charlie, a role he was personally trained for which also earned him a nomination.

His career then took a nose dive at a point due to a relapse from a strong intake of illicit drugs, an act that made him spend most of his time behind bars.

He then sought treatment from a rehabilitation center which he always credits his good friend Mel Gibson for being a strong pillar in his life during those low moments.

Mel then helped him bounce back into the movie scene by securing a lot of movie roles for him which made him win the love back from his fans.

He was then cast in the ironman movie produced by Marvel which he played the lead role of Tony Stark and emerged as one of the highest-grossing movies.

He then went on to appear in the Avengers movie and his performance just blew the mind of the fans.

Personal life

He has been divorced twice before settling down with producer Susan Downey with whom they are currently blessed with three kids. Robert has an elderly son from a previous marriage.

Robert Downey Jr. Net worth

He currently has a net worth sitting at $300 million which he made from his acting and production business.

He has been rated by Forbes as one of the highest-paid actors and was reportedly paid over $30 million for his Ironman role.

He has also invested in several ventures including a production firm called Team Downey and also owns Footprint Coalition Ventures.

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