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Rihanna Announces Her Second Pregnancy During Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show Performance And Fans Are Thrilled

Rihanna Announces Her Second Pregnancy At Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show And Fans Are Thrilled

We were all expecting Rihanna to blow our minds during the Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show, but not expecting a pregnancy announcement. But Rihanna being Rihanna, did the unexpected while performing “Diamond“.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky had their first child last year in May, and during her highly talked about Super Bowl show, the billionaire appeared with a heavily pregnant belly in the pic of the show and announced that she and her partner A$AP are expecting their second child.

According to insiders, Rihanna and ASAP have always wanted a more significant family size and are very excited about the pregnancy as their fans. Reports say Rihanna has always been intrigued by motherhood, and now that she has found a partner to share that with, she is going all in. And look, I’m a fan of wealthy people having bigger size families, so I’m thrilled for her.

Via ET;

Rihanna always knows how to bring the house down! And she did it with a major reveal. The new mom took the stage for her highly anticipated Super Bowl LVII halftime performance hosted by Apple Music, where she revealed that she and her partner, A$AP Rocky, are expecting baby No. 2. Rihanna’s rep confirmed the news to ET shortly after her performance. 

While the couple’s upcoming addition comes as a surprise to many, a source tells ET that Rihanna and A$AP “have always wanted to grow their family.”

“Rihanna adores being a mom and it’s her biggest accomplishment in life. Her and A$AP have always wanted to grow their family and have another baby together,” the source says. “They have been talking about expanding their family for quite some time. Being a mom is a dream come true for Rihanna and she takes so much pride in it.”

RiRi blew everyone’s expectations out of the water with her fiery performance and her very special guest — her unborn child! The singer hasn’t released an album since 2016, but no one could tell watching her own the State Farm Stadium stage on Sunday. Surrounded by dancers, Rihanna took fans through a playlist of her biggest hits, opening with “B**h Better Have My Money,” before ending the show on a platform 100 feet in the air.

This surprise also makes Rihanna the first ever pregnant woman to headline the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Ahead of the big show, a source told ET that the singer is “the happiest she’s ever been” as she spent time with her family and working on her performance. She even got her family involved in the process, with the source sharing that A$AP Rocky and their son — born back in May — attended her rehearsals.

“Rihanna is so excited. She is really focused on work and wants to wow her fans,” the source added. “She’s putting her all into it. She has been on a strict diet ahead of her halftime performance and trying to eat clean and be healthy.”

During an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss his emotional new song “Same Problems,” A$AP gushed about his excitement for his partner’s upcoming performance, saying “I’m just as excited as you guys, if not more.”

He added, “This is as huge. This is incredible. I’m so glad that my lady’s back making music again and whatnot, and getting back out there. It’s just incredible. Especially for both of us, it is a good year for both of us to be more active and be out there. But the Super Bowl is huge, and her being the creative she is she going to bring it, man. I’m excited. I’m more excited than everybody else, honestly.”

Considering RiRi’s belly bump, she will be due in no time, tops, four months. Congratulations to the billionaire on her second journey to motherhood. But how long has Rihanna wanted to have kids for her to have two kids in two years?

Here is how Twitter reacted to Rihanna’s second pregnancy:

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