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Remy Ma Responds To Mike Tyson Offering Her A Car In Exchange For S-x While She Was Teenager

Remy Ma Responds To Mike Tyson Offering Her Car For In Exchange For S-x While She Was Teenager

Remy Ma has a hilarious response to Mike Tyson‘s offering her car in exchange for s-x on Jason Lee’s podcast. According to Remy, she was a kid; hence she was scared by how Tyson presented the offer hence denied it.

Remy says she didn’t feel offended by the offer; rather, she was scared as a young lady. Tyson admitted to inviting Remy to his house years ago and offering her his convertible Mercedes Benz in order to sleep with her, but she rejected the offer. Remy says Tyson’s desperation made the incident weird, so she had to reject it.

Via Media Take Out;

Months back, Mike Tyson told a story about a time years ago when he tried to bag Remy Ma and even offered her a new car to go to bed with him…and she turned him down.

Remy Ma was asked about the incident during an appearance on Jason Lee’s podcast.

“Mike invites me to the house, and he says bring Remy Ma with you. This is around ‘Lean Back’ or some sh-t like that. We go to the house. He opens the door butt naked. … Mike opens the door ass naked. I’m like, what the f-ck is up, bro?’” Fat Joe said on Mike’s podcast months back.

“I said, ‘Joe, just leave Remy Ma,’” Tyson added. “She was upstairs and I was blocking her. She was, ‘No, no.’”

Fat Joe continued, “He wanted to keep Remy Ma. He made her offers, he showed this convertible Benz new sh-t. He was like, ‘You can keep this, all you gotta do is spend one night.’”

Remy Ma told Lee that the incident was “weird.”

“I’m mad that this story even came out,” she said, adding that she was just a “teen” and that she was “scared.”

Mike Tyson accepted the rejection, and he is laughing about it now. He would have been in jail by now if he acted otherwise.

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