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Relocate To The UK To Work Without A Job Offer Letter

Relocate To The UK To Work Without A Job Offer

The UK in recent times has seen the influx of many illegal and job immigrants into their countries although plans are currently underway to halt illegal migration.

Earlier this year, the government entered into a joint agreement with both the Rwanda and Zambia governments to transport illegal migrants to them at a fee. Travelers are also speculating after Brexit getting a visa for short-term visits is tough.

Today we look at how to migrate to the UK without a job offer:

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Spouse visa

Well, this usually works for married couples, thus if your partner is a citizen of the UK by either birth or naturalization he can just file to the immigration office with proof then you apply for the visa. It is also a plus for spouses whose partners work in the UK military and healthcare sector. These kinds of jobs mostly issue permanent residency to you which allows you to file for your partner. Mostly they request marriage certificates and wedding pictures.

Student Visa

Although this kind of visa usually allows students to work for limited hours alongside school, it is one of the surest ways to enter the UK. As we know the UK has one of the most expensive Universities so if you can show proof of being able to fund it with enough in your bank account you get a visa.

Ancestry Visa

Another surest way to enter the UK is when your parents or grandparents are citizens there, they will first file to the immigration office showing proof they have a son or grandson back home. The immigration office would then file your name into their system so applying for their visa comes easy.

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Investor visa

This visa is mostly issued to the rich elites and business tycoons who can show proof of a specified amount of money in there for investment. The UK as a developed country with big companies and several investment portfolios still welcomes foreigners who seek to invest in their country. With this, the consular will just issue you a visa.

Global talent visa

This kind of visa is mostly issued to foreigners who have skills in a particular field which the UK government is very fond of. Thus people who are good in cultural dance activities and also the STEM field easily get a visa when they apply. These kinds of skills are needed in higher numbers in the UK.

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