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Reality Star, TBoss, Electrocuted In The Shower With Her Daughter

Reality Star, TBoss, Electrocuted In The Shower With Her Daughter

The reality star, TBoss has disclosed how she was electrocuted in the shower while she was pregnant with her daughter.

Narrating the story via Instagram, she wrote;

“I can’t wait for you to grow up so I can tell you ALL the stories about my life and all the Adventures your Mommie had. All my trips, all my wins, fails, heartbreaks and disappointments. I wanted a son – prayed for a son , I had a name for him even But God Always knows Best and He gave me You so I can finally have someone to truly & completely open up to without fear of judgment or betrayal.

I also cannot wait to tell you how your Aunty @miss_goldilocks threatened to post you up if I didn’t cos she was just so excited to share you with the world🙄😒😏.And I finally succumbed. I’m also gonna tell you how some really nasty people came to my page and started insulting a child. A Beautiful pure & innocent baby. The insults I had to delete still baffle me😟🤔 What did they not say.

They called you a monkey 😂🤣🤣 I still laugh cos I actually consider it a form of endearment. My people say monkey no fine but mama like am- Me I Love & Live for you My Monkey. I blocked almost 50 people that night but none of the comments touched me like the one that said- so this was the face I had been hiding since- she thought you were something more special & beautiful. And went on to call me a yeye fowl. This comment still annoys me because people misunderstood why I broke down. Not only did you talk down on my child and me but you have NO idea how tough my pregnancy was, how many nights I cried, I literally cried blood, how I almost lost you several times, how I bled for 4 months, how I got electrocuted in the shower & had to drink freezing water & jump around whilst crying & praying cos you weren’t moving anymore.

How people I loved walked in & out of my life. How I chose you without even having seen or met you over my own life cos no matter what you had to live. How my father went into a coma praying for you. Only God knows & @simplysorrentino & some people thought I was crying cos someone insinuated that you weren’t beautiful. Seriously 😐. You were & are Perfect. And you have my whole heart. Ps: to the BBN housemate with the fake pages insulting me & my child- Karma would get you- I have prayed for you too. So yes Today I celebrate My Beautiful, Special & Perfect ⭐️”.