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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star, Tanya Sam, Splits With Her Long Time Fiancée, Paul Judge, Over His Unwillingness To Settle Down

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star, Tanya Sam, Split With Her Long Time Fiancée, Paul Judge, Over His Unwillingness To Settle Down

Real Housewives of Atlanta star 45-year-old Tanya Sam has parted with her long-time fiancee Paul Judge. The duo has been engaged for three years, and despite Tanya’s age, her fiancée is reluctant to settle down, and become a father.

This obviously has been a problem in their relationship and now, Taanya says f*** it. So, the actress is single and probably ready to mingle and start making babies.

According to reports, 46-year-old Paul Judge is more interested in traveling the world and making money and does not share Tanya’s traditional family ideas. Due to this, they’ve been struggling with their relationship since 2021 but parted ways just last month.

Media Take Out Reports;

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Tanya Sam is now a single woman, Media take Out is hearing. According to a person close to the couple – she and her longtime fiancé Paul Judge have reportedly split up.

The couple had been engaged for the last three years.

The insider told Media Take Out, “[the couple] broke up officially last month but they’ve been having problems since 2021, honestly. Tanya wanted more out of the relationship- a baby, a marriage, etc. but Paul was more interested in building wealth & traveling the world than settling down & becoming a daddy.”

The insider continued that Paul may be ready in another 5-10 years, but she added, “Tanya doesn’t have 5-10 years to wait”

The insider also believes that Tanya’s appearance on Real Housewives Of Atlanta hurt their relationship more than it helped. The insider added, “The show & viewers put a lot of pressure on their relationship which made Tanya do the same. Then the Cookie Lady thing pissed Paul off then the Bolo thing happened, which pissed Paul off even more bc he felt like it was nonsense being brought into their lives.”

Paul and Tanya were one of the “IT” couples in Atlanta. They were both well respected investors in the tech industry – and they seemed like a perfect match.

The insider didn’t speculate whether she believed that the two could get back together … but Media Take Out has confirmed that Tanya is no longer wearing her HUGE diamond engagement ring.

While Tanya is heading to get someone to start a family with, Paul is out to travel and make more money. The dude is a jerk! How do you engage a 45-year-old woman without plans of starting a family?

Tanya tried her luck with an older man, and it didn’t work. I hope we are all ready for the “Cher” move coming up next! She might go crazily low.

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