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R&B Singer Sammie’s Mother Angila Denise Charged With 2nd Degree Murder For The Murder 27-Year-Old Nekaybaw Collier

R&B Singer Sammie's Mother Angila Denise Charged With 2nd Degree Murder For The Murder 27-Year-Old Nekaybaw Collier

R&B singer Sammie and his family are in some deep sh-t but not as big as the unfortunate kids and the families of Nekaybaw Collier. Sammie’s mother Angila Denise was seen shooting while driving on the streets of Orlando, Florida, sadly, her shooting spree did not end without a victim.

Angila ended up shooting into 6 cars, sadly, 27-year-old young mother Nekaybaw became a victim and died instantly. Presently, Angila is being charged with second-degree murder and shooting into vehicles.

According to the police, Angila admitted during an interrogation that she felt threatened by some vehicles following her, and that made her fire the shots and eventually ended up killing the innocent mother.

However, a follow-up investigation by the police saw them discovering several firearms at Angila’s and the exact gun she used to commit the crime.

Media Take Out Reports;

The 56-year-old mother of R&B singer Sammie has been arrested and charged in the Jan. 12 shooting death of a 27-year-old mother in Orlando Florida, Media Take Out has confirmed.

Police claim that Nekaybaw Collier was found dead in her Orlando home, from a gunshot wound to her abdomen.

Police received multiple reports of a woman, driving around the neighborhood in a red SUV, shooting randomly out of her window. At least 6 other cars were hit with bullets. Luckily no one else was hurt, Media Take Out confirmed.

Police eventually tracked down the woman shooting out of her window, and claim it was R&B singer Sammie’s mother – Angila Denise Baxter. In an interview, Angila told detectives she remembered multiple vehicles following her and she fired at them to “scare them,” the affidavit said.

Multiple firearms were found in her home, including a revolver. Investigators later determined the bullet recovered from Collier’s body came from the revolver, the affidavit said.

Baxter was taken to the Orange County Jail on charges of second-degree murder and shooting into a vehicle.

What could put a 53-year-old woman into a panic mood for her to opt to shoot recklessly in a public place? Not just young folks have guns on standby and are ready to shoot in minor misunderstandings, even our mothers and grandmas are going on the same route. How worried do we have to be while walking on our streets?

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