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R&B Singer Danileigh Gets Cosmetic Surgery With DaBaby’s Child Support Fund

R&B Singer Danileigh Gets Cosmetic Surgery With DaBaby's Child Support Fund

DaBaby had to usher his concert tickets for buy one get one free promo but still, he did not make enough sales to hold his concert back in October. Seemingly, the rapper’s music career is on a rapid decline. However, his baby mamas keep using his child support fund for plastic surgeries.

Reportedly, DaBaby’s first baby mama MeMe used child support and paid to undergo cosmetic surgery in October.

Barely two months down the line and one of his baby mamas R&B singer Danileigh has also allegedly used child support paid to her by DaBaby to undergo full-body surgery. The previously round singer has got BBL, liposuction, and chest augmentation, all funded with the rapper’s child support meant for their daughter’s upkeep.

Via Media Take Out;

R&B singer Danileigh has a brand new body. Media Take Out learned that the singer recently flew to Miami, to get full body surgery. The light skinned beauty is believed to have gotten a BBL, liposuction, and chest augmentation.

In other words, Dani got the “IG model special.” And according to multiple social media gossip pages, Dani reportedly used the child support that rapper Da Baby pays to finance her surgeries, Media Take Out is hearing.

And the results are pretty dramatic. Dani always had a boxy shape – and she carried a bit of a tummy. That’s all gone now.

For contrast, this is what she looked like – no photoshop.

Danileigh is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, and choreographer. Initially appearing as a backup dancer, Curiel began her career by posting covers of popular songs on YouTube before moving to Los Angeles, where she began choreographing for other artists and dancing. She made a career breakthrough after working with Prince on the music video for his single “Breakfast Can Wait”. DaniLeigh was signed to Def Jam Records in 2017, releasing mixtapes and singles starting that year.

Not sure where DaBaby chooses his partners but I must admit he makes a hell of a choice. Danileigh got an Instagram-perfect body with her kid’s diaper and grocery money.

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