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Ray J Storms His Ex-Wife Princess Love’s Thanksgiving Uninvited, Eats Up All The Food And Refused To Leave

Princess Love Admits To Having Threes*mes To Please Ray J And To Keep Him From Cheating

Ray J stormed his ex-wife Princess Love‘s Thanksgiving uninvited enjoyed himself, ate and drank the goodies served. Princess Love took to her Instagram to fuss about his ex-husband’s uninvited visit.

Princess Love says her ex-husband is obsessed and hence can’t leave her alone after she’s dumped him about 3 months ago. Hello Princess, calm your nerves, you have kids with Ray J, he might as well be visiting his kids. Plus if y’all can boff one more time.

Although Princess Love claims she doesn’t care about who Ray hooks up with, she says she’s about cutting all her friends off because Ray J claims he is dating one of her friends. Looks like somebody is still in love.

Ray J and the Love & Hip-hop star Princess Love have been in an on-and-off dramatic marriage since 2016 and filed for divorce for the third time in October, claiming they are no more.

Via Media Take Out;

Love & Hiphop star Princess Love put her estranged husband Ray J on blast for trying to crash her family’s Thanksgiving Day celebration. Princess and Ray J separated earlier this year, and now it appears that Ray J wants to get his wife back.

Yesterday, Media Take Out learned that Ray J popped up, uninvited to Princess’ family’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. And she was uncomfortable with her ex being there.

When she asked Ray to leave the reality star reportedly told her that he’s romantically seeing one of Princess’ friends. She didn’t seem bothered by Ray’s revelation.

After asking Ray J to leave, and he refused, Princess took to Instagram to explain her dilemma.

Media Take Out spoke to a person close to Ray who told us that the R&B singer ate heartily at Princess’ house, and that the drama that Princess talked about on IG was overblown.

In what could be either a genius or disastrous idea, singer/reality star Ray J and his wife Princess Love are hashing out their marital problems in a new reality show.

In a dramatic preview for a new four-part special called The Conversation: Ray J And Princess Love, the reality stars are putting their troubled relationship on front street – attempting to save their marriage one last time. In the teaser, Princess grills Ray J for allegedly abandoning her and their daughter Melody in Las Vegas after an argument. At the time, she was roughly 8-months pregnant with their son Epik, and claimed Ray J blocked her on everything including social media. The discussion gets heated as a frustrated Princess tells her husband, “I don’t respect you.”

Looking at how shady these two are acting, they are likely to make up soon and rekindle their drama.

Here are Princess Love’s posts:

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