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Ray J Asks Court To Dismiss Divorce Filings As He Is Back With Princess Love For The Third Time

Princess Love Admits To Having Threes*mes To Please Ray J And To Keep Him From Cheating

Ray J and Princess Love have confirmed the reconciliation rumors after their third divorce filings since they got married in 2016.

Princess Love took to Instagram to drag Ray J back in December for showing up at her house to eat Thanksgiving dinner even though they were separated and he wasn’t invited. Princess made sure to tell us that she was done with Ray J and had no intention of going back.

The couple, however, couldn’t wait for a month to travel and celebrate Ray J’s 42nd birthday in Vegas earlier this year. Since then, rumors have spread that the couple will let sleeping dogs lie, and Ray J has come forward to corroborate them.

The musician has repeatedly stated that he will not permit his family to be split up. Ray J is urging the court to dismiss her wife’s divorce petition because they are once again back together.

TMZ Reports;

Ray J is making it very clear, both publicly and now legally, he isn’t ready to give up on his marriage with Princess Love … asking the court to once again throw out his divorce.

According to the legal docs obtained by TMZ, Ray filed docs Thursday in Los Angeles asking a court to dismiss his divorce from his estranged wife.

If you’ve been following along, there’s been a ton of ups and downs between the two over the years, but now, it looks like they may be attempting to work things out once again

You’ll recall, Princess and Ray J celebrated his 42nd birthday back in January in Vegas … despite the fact they were going through the divorce. At the time, RJ said he was looking forward to being a happy family and starting “fresh” with Princess.

TMZ broke the story in October 2021 … Ray first filed for divorce from Princess and cited the usual irreconcilable differences. We spoke to PL a short time after the docs were filed, and she didn’t seem like the door was completely closed.

Looks like it’s officially still open.

Be sure the couple is back in court again in 3 months times, repeating the same circle. Maybe the court will reject the filings upfront when next Princess Love files again.

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