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Rapper Yung Joc Shares His Opinion On Megan Thee Stallion And Tory Lanez’s Just-Ended Trial

Megan Thee Stallion's Key Police Witness,  Ryan Stogner, In Tory Lanez's Shooting Case Fired From The Police Force

Yung Joc is the latest to share his thoughts on Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez‘s just-ended trial and according to him, the case is more than the internet attorney most rappers and entertainment panelists are playing. Joc says the case is the most interesting movie, he’s ever watched.

Yung Joc continued that, he believes Megan was shot but not directly on the feet like she claims, and also he believes Kelcy is more of the shooter than Tory.

Yung Joc further added that he believes the shooting was not intentional but happened during the chaos. The rapper admitted his theory could be wrong but added that he hopes a fair judgment is passed so the wrong person is not jailed.

Via VladTV;

Yung Joc starts this full-length interview off by surprising the interviewer, Shawn Prez, with a cameo appearance from the mascot of the Atlanta Hawks, Harry the Hawk.

After Harry the Hawk departs, the two men get serious as Yung Joc shares his thoughts on the criminal trial involving Megan Thee Stallion and the defendant, Tory Lanez.

They talk about the sexual exploits of the case and the entertainment value of it all before outlining the seriousness of what’s at stake. Moving along, Yung Joc shares his thoughts on the controversy surrounding Kanye West before talking about the Chicago rapper’s recent exchange with Meek Mill on social media.

From there, he talks about being the victim of a scam where a real estate attorney pretended to be a defense attorney and how it almost landed him back in behind bars. Lastly, he talks about parenthood, and the recent season of Love & Hip Hop, before sharing his thoughts on Chuck D’s desire to have the N-Word banned.

I must admit, Yung Joc’s position is not as upsetting as some people who act like their opinions are the gospel even though we were all not present when the incident happened. Just as he said, I hope the trial was fair because Tory does not deserve to go to jail for something he didn’t do.

I’m surprised I am saying this because I knew he will lose the case from the head go based on his criminal past.

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