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Rapper Yella Beezy Allegedly Rapes A Woman He Met On Instagram

Rapper Yella Beezy Allegedly Rapes A Woman He Met On Instagram

Going on a first date with total strangers you meet on social media has become a risky venture—and everyone especially women should be careful with the kind of people they meet on socials.

TMZ reports that rapper Markies Deandre Conway professionally known as Yella Beezy allegedly raped a woman on a first date. Mind you, he met this woman on Instagram.

TMZ says that Yella Beezy allegedly forced himself on the woman and when she asked him to stop since she wasn’t interested, Beezy went ahead and raped her according to what the woman told cops in Texas.

“TMZ has obtained the arrest warrant and probable cause affidavit from Yella’s sexual assault case out of Collin County — and the story’s pretty straightforward. According to the docs, an unidentified woman came to the ER to report an alleged rape in April.”

“Per the docs, the woman says Yella contacted her on Instagram in late April … asking if she was looking for a new friend. After some back and forth, she says he asked her out — and they eventually made plans to grab a bite in Dallas, and for some bowling afterward.”

The alleged victim whose identity is yet to be put out there claims that everything was going smoothly between her and Beezy until the horny dude invited her to his apartment “while they waited for their bowling reservations at 10 PM — a two-hour window after they’d wrapped dinner”.

The woman disclosed that while inside Yella Beezy’s apartment, they played cards and talked until he asked for a massage on his shirtless body—and that was when things got ugly.

“Once there, the woman claims they played cards and talked … until she says Yella asked for a massage while he was shirtless, which she says she gave him. Once she finished, she says she sat down next to him — and that’s when she claims he pounced on her.”

“The woman claims Yella started forcibly k*ssing her and pulling up her dress. She claims, despite her saying “no” repeatedly, Yella inserted his pen*s into her vag*na.”

Some men though. When will NO be NO to them when it comes to s*xual intercourse? No is No, it’s never YES! It’s time men got that into their thick skulls.

“Eventually, the woman says she was able to break free and make a run for it. She claims Yella essentially tried to gaslight her into making her think she’d initiated the sex by kissing him. The next day, she went to the hospital … which is when the authorities got involved.”

But according to Yella Beezy’s attorneys, John F. Gussio III and Daryl K. Washington, who have been paid to do their job—and doing it regardless of the little truth in the accusation, the victim’s claims are 100% false.

They also clarified the rumor that the alleged victim has been Yella Beezy’s longtime girlfriend. According to them, there is no truth in that rumor.

“… the sexual assault charge is in no way related to or connected to Yella Beezy’s longtime girlfriend and the endangerment of a child is simply meritless, and is defamatory in nature.”

Yella Beezy is yet to utter a word about the accusation but since his lawyers are doing the talking, there wouldn’t be the need for him to say sh*t.