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Rapper NLF Choppa Clarifies His S-xuality After Huge D*** Pics Got Twitter Folks Talking

Rapper NLF Choppa Clarifies His S-xuality After Huge D*** Pic Got Twitter Folks Talking

Rapper NLE Choppa posted a d*** print image and got social media talking. A section of Twitter especially women are awed with the rapper’s unimaginable huge d*** popping out of his shorts.

While others are adamant NLF Choppa is gay after posting er-tic images with feminine posture, Choppa says, though he doesn’t mind attracting both genders, he prefers women. Hello NLF, it is a free world you don’t have to pretend!

Despite displaying the abnormally huge d***, the 19-year-old claims the picture has nothing to do with s-x but self-love. And he slams back at the trolls saying ‘he loves his body hence the need to display it for us to see. Gay as f***!

When NLE finally confirms he is gay, y’all should know ladies gave up on his huge c***. Ain’t no young lady trying to take that sh-t for the rest of her life?

Via Jasmine Brand:

Rapper NLE Choppa is clarifying his sexuality amid rumors that he may be gay.

NLE Choppa, 19(born Bryson Potts) admitted to his fans that he is “comfortable” in his skin after sharing a revealing selfie celebrating his body. On Sunday (Oct. 23) the Memphis rapper took to Twitter and posted a somewhat revealing picture of himself posing in skin-tight black briefs and a black t-shirt. He captioned the post,

A few hours later, NLE Choppa returned with a message for anyone questioning why he shared the intimate selfie. He said,

“First and foremost I love myself and I’m comfortable enough in my skin to show the beauty God blessed me with.”

He then went on to clarify and confirm his sexuality.

“Secondly I LOVE all so I don’t mind attracting both genders, but most importantly my sexual preference is women. Please stop trying to make me something I am not.”

That same night, popular YouTuber Adin Ross was seemingly shocked by the photos and sent Choppa several texts in disbelief, which were later put on blast by the “Walk em Down” rapper. NLE Choppa took a screenshot of the texts from Ross and shared it with his Twitter followers. He captioned the post,

“This is absurd @adinross”
In the text messages, Ross is praising  Choppa for his rather large package and says,
“U knew exactly what u were doing in that post.. no h**mo, ur sh*ts HUGE brother, holy sh*t.”
Back in September, NLE Choppa admitted he wasn’t ready for commitment when it was announced thIt is unknown when social media influencer Marissa Da’Nae and the Memphis rapper began dating, but rumors about their relationship surfaced in 2021. NLE Choppa previously dated beautician Mariah J, with whom he shares a daughter with named Clover.

at he and his girlfriend, Marissa Da’Nae, had broken up.
On September 12, NLE Choppa took to his official Twitter account and revealed that he’s a single man that still has some growing up to do. In his post, the Hip-Hop star wrote,

“I Am Single, Im Man Enough To Admit I’m Not Ready, And I Have Some Growing To Do”

While everyone is concerned about NLE’s s-xuality, I am worried about the size of his d**. Damn! That’s the size of a 19-year-old boy’s d**? No! The dude should see a doctor!

Be very afraid because you are about to see rapper NLF Choppa’s huge d***:

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