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Rapper Meek Mill Announces His Exit From Twitter Due To Elon Musk’s Tomfoolery

Rapper Meek Mill Announces His Exit From Twitter On Twitter Due To Elon Musk's Tomfoolery

Elon Musk‘s hell house (Twitter) seems to be unsuitable for even rappers and rapper Meek Mill is the latest celebrity to make known his intentions to quit Twitter.

Ever since Elon Musk’s $44 billion takeover back in October, impersonation, and abuse have increased on the platform which saw several celebrities leave for a more prudent platform. What I am not expecting is a rapper leaving Twitter because it has too many “weird people.”

Meek Mill announced that he is quitting the hell house and taking over his YouTube account, sighting increment in bots accounts and also weird people as his reasons.

Elon has been struggling with managing the platform ever since his take-over. Presently, he organized a poll asking his followers if he should step down as the CEO or not. And 57.5% of his followers voted that he steps down.

Via Media Take Out;

Meek Mill says that he’s quitting Twitter just weeks after Elon Musk took over the platform.

“Ima deactivate Twitter forever and go to a new social where it’s more good vibes based off building, creating and motivation,” he wrote. “Whoever run my sh-t turn this off forever … ima takeover my YouTube account to replace me interacting with supports! Too many bots and weird people.”

Elon Musk took over and immediately began charging people for a blue check. There has also been a surge in hate speech since Musk took over.

On Sunday, the billionaire had asked his Twitter followers whether he should step down as the CEO of the social media site. 57.5 percent said he should quit with more than 17 million voting. Musk seems to be honoring the results.

Twitter users are now waiting for Musk to formally announce his resignation from the social media platform. Users have been trying to find other alternatives.

Elon Musk spent a whopping $44 billion to purchase Twitter so he can manage it how he wants it, just for users to declare him unfit to run the platform. Damn!

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